Al Shourouk Polyclinic
Al Shourouk Polyclinic

Al Shourouk Polyclinic
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Al Bustan - Ajman

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Affordable Treatments, Honest & Experienced Dentists, Friendly Care.

Medical Center in Umm Al Quwain, Ajman

At Al Shourouk Medical Center, we pride ourselves in premium yet affordable dental care. We’re a warm family of 5 Doctors. Some of our offices have been operating for over ten years now. With just the right number of offices, we’re able to continuously provide our patients with immaculate patient care, without sacrificing the quality of care or convenience provided by the sheer number of locations operating today.

Working Time

  • Saturday - Thursday :
          08:30-01:00 PM / 4:30 Pm to 10:00 pm

  • Friday :
          08:30-12:00 PM / 4:30 Pm to 10:00 pm
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    UAE is known for its advanced medical facilities in the sphere of healthcare and medical services, where there have been continuous improvements in recent decades. Since the last decade, this has favourably influenced an increase in medical tourism. We at Al Shrooq Polyclinic have with us the advanced equipment and medical professionals in Ajman.We at Al Shourouk Polyclinic are extremely proud to have contributed to such advancement. We have a broad portfolio such as ENT, General Practitioner ,Orthodontics, , Male and Female Dentist . This is what makes us one of the premium Medical Center in Ajman

    Our Services

    We pride itself on providing advanced, compassionate medical care to patients

    The welfare of those who seek our assistance is the main focus of our work. We will give them proper care, attention, and respect.

    Our Brand Promise & Core Values

    Our top priority is to offer the best possible therapy in an intimate atmosphere under strict observation of medical confidentiality.

    Honest Care

    We’re after your hearts, not wallets. Honest consultation’s that are in the best interest of your health, not our pockets.

    Experienced Doctors

    Our physicians and healthcare workers take care of the patient’s medical needs while the patient is in clinic and during a reasonable follow-up period.

    Affordable Treatments

    Provides quality outpatient, diagnostic and personal primary care to the public. With our effort in integrating with the local communities and empanelment by all insurance companies gives the population in all sectors direct access to our services and specialist treatment.

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