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We at Al Shourouk have the ENT specialists provide you with a variety of inventive therapies for patients with ear, nose, and throat conditions. Our team of medical professionals hasyears of expertise in this area and suitable training in radiography and the audiological tests that are frequently needed in the ENT department. We have medical professionals who have years of experience in neck and throat as well.

Our services:

1. Ear cleaning by removing any foreign body

A common issue that can cause temporary hearing loss, ear pain, and ringing in the ears is earwax buildup.

Using Q-tips to clean your ears at home can result in increased wax obstruction and, in rare situations, unintentional harm to the ear canal and eardrum. Other ear cleaning methods, such as candling, are ineffective and may even worsen earwax buildup or cause harm.When you visit our office to see a hearing specialist for earwax removal, we will first perform a comprehensive examination of your ears to be sure that the issue is actually earwax and that removal is safe for your ears. We have the expert ENT doctor in Ajman to work on your case who will see to it that any issues in your ear are resolved effectively.

At Al Shourouk, our hearing professional will help you get rid of ear wax easily without any side effects.

2. Hearing assessment, video examination of ENT

Analyzing your current hearing capacity and determining if it has deteriorated over time is a crucial step in maintaining bet ter hearing health. The first step in treating hearing loss, if you have it, and creating a foundation for future usage is getting a hearing test.

We at Al Shourouk Polyclinic are aware of how important hearing is to your daily activities. Chronic hearing loss can cause social anxiety, loneliness, and withdrawal in addition to being difficult to deal with.

We will work together with you, get to know your history, examine your ears and brain and see if there are any blockage s or physical damage in your ear. One of our audiologists will be on hand to guide you through the procedure and address any questions you may have when you get your hearing checked at Al Shourouk Polyclinic. This is what makes us the trusted ENT clinic in Ajman.

3. All problems of the throat, dry cough & voice changes

Tonsils are tiny glands situated on each side of the throat. When you were a small kid, they are there to protect you from pathogens. The tonsils often decrease and lose some of their effectiveness in warding off infection after the age of roughly 3 years. They are soft tissues in the back of the throat that resembles lymph. Your tonsils work with your adenoids (soft tissue behind your nose) to produce antibodies that your body uses to fight infection by battling germs that penetrate through your mouth and nose.

Having an illness of the respiratory system, such as a cold, bronchitis, or sinusitis. exposure to irritants like cigarette smoke, heavy alcohol consumption, bile acids, or chemicals at work can affect your health. Using your voice excessively by shouting, singing, or talking too much can also cause irritation in the throat.

Hoarseness, a common symptom marked by an unnatural change in voice, is frequently accompanied by a dry or scratchy throat. If your voice is hoarse, it could sound raspy, feeble, or airy and impede you from producing smooth vocal tones. This symptom frequently results from a vocal cord problem and may involve an irritated larynx (voice box). This is called Laryngitis. Seek immediate medical assistance if your hoarseness persists for more than 10 days since you may have a significant underlying health issue.

4. Sinus infection, nose block, and nose bleeding

The delicate lining of the nose can be harmed by sinus infections, colds, and other respiratory illnesses. Your nose can eventually become so aggravated that it bleeds. When you have an illness, blowing your nose excessively might also result in nosebleeds.

Epistaxis, the medical term for nosebleeds, is usually nothing to worry about. However, they can occasionally be life-threatening.

The first step a doctor will take is to try and stop the bleeding. They might also take a person's pulse and check their bloo d pressure.Before proposing a proper course of therapy, they may also request an X-ray if they suspect a fracture in the nose or face.

The experts at Al Shourouk Polyclinic will check the severity of your condition and prescribe you direct treatment such as nasal packing, cautery, etc. Our ENT specialists in Umm Al Quwainhave long years of professional experience.

5. Nasal, pharyngeal, and laryngealendoscopy

A local, topical anesthetic is applied to the nasal or larynx passageways before the minimally invasive diagnostic process of a nasal or laryngeal endoscopy is carried out. A flexible camera called an endoscope is inserted into the nostril during an endoscopy to give a close-up view of the larynx, sinuses, and nasal passages. The doctor will remove any foreign item in the nose through nasal endoscopy.

A doctor may use endoscopy to monitor the effectiveness of treatment for a sinus or nose condition.One of the most frequent indications for nasal endoscopy is rhinosinusitis since it can reveal the source of infection and the most effective course o f treatment.

Without an external incision, endoscopy can also be used to do minimally invasive surgery to address problems like sinus infection, nasal polyps, and nasal tumors.

6. Treatment for conditions such as dizziness and vertigo

The majority of patients who visit their doctor for dizziness will initially be questioned about their symptoms and current medications before having a physical examination. During this examination, your doctor will assess your balance and gait as well as the health of your central nervous system's primary nerves. The doctor will also conduct hearing and balance tests such as:

Based on the diagnosis and test results, the medical professional will treat your condition.

7. Problems of ears, nose throat of children

Being unbalanced is the experience of vertigo. When you experience these vertigo attacks, you could feel as though the world is whirling around you or that you are spinning. A shift in head positioning is a common cause of vertigo. Vertigo is frequently described by sufferers as feeling like:

The cause of vertigo determines its treatment method. Usually, vertigo goes away on its own. This is so that your brain may use other balance-preserving mechanisms to compensate, at least in part, for the inner ear abnormalities.

Our medical professionals in Al Shourouk will determine your Ear, Nose, and Throat problems and recommend you the advanced treatment methods at an economical price.

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