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Tooth Brushing

A Guide to Effective Tooth Brushing Strategies

The benefits of maintaining oral hygiene can go on a rhetoric. It has implications ranging from enhanced confidence to improved digestion. Since teeth are linked to the overall bodily systems through nerves, maintaining teeth health also has implications for our overall well-being. The point is oral hygiene is of utmost importance. The plus point is that it can be maintained with simple daily routines. While mouth flossing and washing are some options flaunted by many dentists the obvious and easy way towards dental health is ignored by most. This is brushing. Brushing if done properly can ensure complete care for teeth and gums. Research published in the Journal of Periodontology has shown that individuals who brush their teeth with proper technique are less likely to develop gum diseases like gingivitis. In this context, here are some effective variety strategies.

Type of Tooth Brushing

1. Bass or Sulcular Method

2. StillMan's Method

3. Charter's Brushing Method

This brushing strategy is recommended for individuals with space between teeth, gum recessions, or orthodontic appliances.

These three brushing strategies can help maintain oral hygiene with better gum and teeth health. If there are any confusions it is better to approach a dental clinic in Umm Al Quwain. This will be helpful to avoid any wrong brushing practices that could harm your teeth.

How Long Should You Brush?

2 minutes is the optimum brushing duration suggested by the best dentist in Ajman . However, these brushing practices may take slightly longer than that. In this case, ensure gentle brushing and soft bristles so that the enamel of teeth or the gums are not harmed.

Selecting a Good Tooth Brush

The right toothbrush does matter. Even different techniques may demand different types of brush. For example, the bass method may go well with small-headed brushes that reach tight spaces. In the case of Stillman’s method, medium-sized brush heads will work. Whether it is a normal brush for normal teeth or an orthodontic toothbrush in the case of Charter’s method, it is recommended to replace the brushes once every 3 to 4 months.

As a final stroke consult the best dentist available in Ajman to avail personalised guidance on effectively brushing your teeth. Al Shourouq, well known for its patient-friendly staffing will be a good choice. With a team of qualified dentist, we provide a service that can’t be matched by our competitors.