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Assessment of Audiological Conditions - ENT Treatment

When it comes to addressing audiological conditions and seeking ENT treatment, it is crucial to find the best healthcare provider that offers comprehensive care and specialized expertise. If you are looking for the best hospitals in Ajman, Al Shourouk Polyclinic is ready to serve you. Read on why you should consider us for the treatment of audiological conditions.

What is an audiological evaluation?

A thorough evaluation of a person's auditory system is known as an audiological evaluation, commonly referred to as a hearing evaluation. It entails a series of examinations and procedures carried out by an audiologist to evaluate a person's hearing capacity, identify hearing abnormalities, and choose the best course of therapy.

Why is an audiological evaluation necessary?

An audiological evaluation is necessary for several reasons:

  • Detection of Hearing Loss – It helps identify the presence and degree of hearing loss in individuals of all ages, from newborns to adults. Early detection is crucial for timely intervention and management of hearing loss.
  • Diagnosis of Hearing Disorders – An audiological evaluation helps diagnose various hearing disorders, such as sensorineural, conductive, or mixed hearing loss, auditory processing disorders, and tinnitus.
  • Treatment Planning – The evaluation provides valuable information for developing a personalized treatment plan. It helps determine the most suitable interventions, such as hearing aids, assistive listening devices, cochlear implants, or auditory training.
  • Monitoring Hearing Health – Regular audiological evaluations are essential for monitoring the progression of hearing loss or any changes in the auditory system. This enables audiologists to adjust treatment strategies and provide ongoing support.
What tests may be performed during an audiological evaluation?

Several tests may be performed during an audiological evaluation, depending on the individual's age, symptoms, and specific concerns. These tests may include:

  • Pure-Tone Audiometry – This test measures a person's hearing sensitivity across different frequencies (pitches) by having them respond to tones presented through headphones or speakers.
  • Speech Audiometry – It evaluates a person's ability to hear and understand speech, including speech reception threshold (SRT) and word recognition testing.
  • Tympanometry – This test assesses the mobility of the eardrum and middle ear by varying air pressure in the ear canal. It helps identify conditions such as eustachian tube dysfunction or middle ear infections.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) – OAE testing measures the sounds produced by the inner ear in response to stimulation. It helps determine the integrity of the outer hair cells in the cochlea.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) – ABR measures the electrical activity in response to sounds and evaluates the function of the auditory nerve and brainstem pathways.
Results of an audiological evaluation

After conducting the tests, the audiologist will analyze the results and provide a comprehensive report. The results may include:

  • Pure-Tone Audiogram – A graph showing the person's hearing thresholds across different frequencies. It illustrates the type and degree of hearing loss, if present.
  • Speech Audiometry Results – These indicate the person's ability to understand and repeat words at different volume levels.
  • Tympanometry Results – It provides information about middle ear function, including the presence of any abnormalities.
  • OAE and ABR Results – These tests help assess the integrity and function of the inner ear and auditory nerve pathways.

Based on the results, the audiologist will discuss the findings, explain the implications, and recommend appropriate interventions or treatment options tailored to the individual's specific needs.

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